• Jay Waterman is inducted into the Ct Hall of Fame.

    Jay Waterman was involved in baseball his entire life, beginning with his excelling in little league. When his son turned 4 years of age, Jay began coaching, and for the next 8 years, Jay coached both local ... More
  • Dwight Rowland is Inducted into Ct Hall of Fame

    Became part of the Babe Ruth family back in 1984, when Dwight  registered his oldest son Sean in the Woodbridge Fathers Baseball League (now Beth – Wood Baseball) – Dwight’s wife Rosalie “volunteered” him to ... More
  • Charter Process

    The Babe Ruth site will open for rechartering or to apply for a new charter in early January.  A president of a league that will be renewing the charter will need to access the site using this link; https://... More