2018 Cal Ripken Extreme

Updated Sunday July 22, 2018 by Craig Carlson.

2018 Cal Ripken Extreme


Welcome to 2018 Cal Ripken Extreme page.  This section of the Website will have all information regarding Cal Ripken Summer Extreme.  All game Schedules as well as results and standings will be posted here.  With the help of the managers, I will do my best to keep the scores posted as quickly as I can and have the standings updated daily. I will also do my best to update any rainouts or postponements here.  Please let your teams and families know, the best place to get your schedule is from the manager.  I will try to be accurate but will not gurantee the accuracy of the content as it is mostly second hand information. 

The CR summer extreme program will be played over 7 weeks from June 1  through July 22.  Playoffs will be the week of 7/23 

If you need any information please reach out in this order 

#1 Your manager

#2 Your league President or travel commissioner

#3 I am your last stop.  

Here is my contact information. 

Craig Carlson



Please make sure you have reached out to anybody else.  I should be contacted in an emergency only.  Or if you have exhausted all other avenues

Have a great season all 


UPDATE: HOME TEAM will pay for umpires.  Each team should supply 2 NEW game baseballs 


VERY IMPORTANT:  Be smart and keep track of pitch counts.  This is 9-12 year old baseball.  Lets develop pitchers not ruin them before they have a chance to.  You are policing yourselves.  Especially those who booked a lot of games Pitchers Can NOT pitch 3 days in a row regardless of pitch count.  It you play sat/sun and monday no kid can pitch on all three days.


Questions???   ASK







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